Multirotary roasters

  • Individual rotary plates with four spits that turn over themselves
  • Optional with double motor, it allows to stop the plate but the spits keep turning
  • Maximum performance with minimum comsumption. Two burnes for four spits
  • Improved working conditions, less effort.
  • Even roast, totally uniform cooking surface.
  • Deep tray for juices, potatoes, vegetables, etc.
  • Easy cleaning.


Multirotary roast size
Multirotary roasters
  • Planetary transmission via steel pinions.
  • 230v.
  • Minimum consumption, maximum performance.
  • Electronic lighting of burners.
  • Uniform, quick and perfect roasting.
  • Interior light.
  • Simple to maintain and cleaning.
Multirotary roast 8MR


VC-MR and PT-MR multirotary roast accessories
12MR multirotaty roast detail

Special stainless steel spits for each type of barbecue: potatoes, thighs, wings, pieces of meat, suckling pigs, lambs, ham, etc.

Accessories roaster 8 MRD
Planetary roasters spits