Vertical roasters accessories

Trolley spits

Capacity 12 or 24 spits


12ce roasters accessories
Trolley spits size


For cleaning of spits and plates between burners

Vertical roasters tank

Removable interior kit

Removable interior kit

Tray for cutting

Special tray for cutting chickens
Large capacity
Also designed to store the spits
It fits on our cabinets range AR and warmers VC

Tray for cutting MTB


Special spits for diffents types of roasts: potatoes, thighs, por ribs, chicken wings, lamb, ham, etc.

Vertical roasters spits
Spits reference


Designed to hold serie models 1, 2, 3 and 4 roasters amb MTB
Available in stainless steel or painted versions with wheels

AR 4EEI and AR 4 EE cabinets


Cabinet with drawers and shelves. Manufactured entirely of stainless steel.
Gastro tray 1/3. Telescoping drawers. Wheels equipped with brakes.

AR 3 CE cabinet