Wood-gired roasters and barbecues

Spit roaster and barbecue in the same machine


Wood-fired roasters manufactures with strong top quality materials

  • Motor reducer with chain-drive and steel sprockets
  • Adjustable spits to regulate the distance from the fire
  • Special refractories for insulation
  • Reinforced brackets, adjustable legs, etc
B/13 Spit roaster and barbecue

Barbecues for wood or charcoal


Grill of 59x40cm, adjustable distance

Collecting tray and stand

Easy to move

BSE/P barbecue
B 2/P barbecue

Wood-fired roasters and barbecues features

Wood-fired roasters and barbecues size

Wood-fired roasters

From 1 to 7 spits
(5 to 42 chickens)

Wood-fired roasters size
Wood-fired roasters A7/42